Purpose And Outcome

Emotional Healing & Freedom
Spiritual Awakening

Demanding, powerful, and deep work that produces astonishing results.

The Hoffman Quadrinity Process is based on the principle that the persistent negative behaviors, moods, and attitudes we experience as adults have their roots in the experiences and conditioning of childhood.  Until this original pain from childhood is resolved, it continues to dominate our adult lives (thoughts, emotions, and actions) whether we are aware of it or not.  The Hoffman Process is designed to heal and transform these negative, self-defeating patterns and bring about a powerful realignment and integration of the four fundamental dimensions of our being the Quadrinity of intellect, emotions, body, and spirit.

The Hoffman Quadrinity Process uses a unique combination of proven techniques, including guided visualization, journaling and cathartic work.

During the intensive, seven-day, residential course, you are led through a carefully structured sequence of powerful experiences that enable you to discover, isolate, and resolve negative conditioning and recover your natural self-confidence and self-esteem.

The Process provides a safe and supportive environment.

As you move from confronting and experiencing childhood pain, resentment and anger, to a fuller understanding and release, to compassion and forgiveness and finally to a healing transformation and integration of self and spirit.  While conducted in a group, it is essentially an individual, inner journey and healing that is accelerated and supported by the group energy.

Since it was first created by Robert Hoffman in 1967, more than 60,000 people have used the Hoffman Quadrinity Process to achieve new strength and inner peace.

The benefits they report fall into three broad categories:
Emotional Healing and Freedom - freedom from lifelong negative moods, feelings and behavioral patterns and freedom to be free, open, loving, joyful, centered, creative and spontaneous;
Compassion and Forgiveness - for yourself and others, in the face of overwhelming suffering - such that healing is induced;
Spiritual Awakening - Guidance and Wisdom - the ability to consistently connect with your inner perfect wisdom and unconditionally loving spiritual aspect.  Knowing from within that you are on your path of healing and contribution.

Those who come to the Hoffman Quadrinity Process have a strong commitment to making positive and lasting changes in their lives and to accelerating their personal growth and development.

Many are professional men and women between the ages of 35 and 60.  Their reasons for attending include issues of intimacy, relationship and family; career, creativity, and personal power; enthusiasm, energy and depression; spirituality, meaning of life and connection; compulsive or addictive behaviors; and removing unwanted limitations.  Over the years, many professional therapists have participated in the Hoffman Quadrinity Process and subsequently have referred hundreds of their clients as a way of accelerating the results they can achieve.

Typical course size ranges from 20 to 35 participants held at a comfortable, scenic retreat center.

There is a certified Hoffman Process Teacher for every six to eight students.  Teachers facilitate the Process, provide close individual guidance, and ensure that students learn the Process techniques so they can continue to use and develop them after the week is over.

The Hoffman Quadrinity Process is currently taught in various languages and countries around the World.

The Process is currently taught in: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the USA. Contact the Hoffman Center nearest you to receive articles and printed materials, or look at our publications page for information about various HQP publications.